Benefit CD + $25 Gift Card

Benefit CD + $25 Gift Card


Now here's a great present, sure to delight!  Pick up the first FSC Benefit CD - "Upstairs at First Street Cafe" exceptional sounds from exceptional artists"  and add a $25 FSC GIft Card - together at a great price!  Order on-line and we'll ship it to you or select "Pick up at Store" when you check out on-line and we'll have your gift ready for you when you come in.  How easy is that?

This CD project has been a labor of love and we could not have completed the project without the help of Keith Little, Jim Nunally, Mary Hand and of course the artists.  They are amazing in their talents and generosity.  We hope you enjoy the music and invite you to share the spirit of this CD.  All net proceeds will benefit the organizations listed.  We appreciate your support!

Upstairs at First Street Cafe - Exceptional Songs from Exceptional Artists

    Pattee Canyon Road - Chad Elliott
    Just in Time - Llyod Gregory & Tranishia Gholston
    Something I Don't Want to Know - Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally
    Goodbye My Beautiful Ocean - Karen J.Brown
    I'd Like to Come Back as a Song - Keith Little & Jim Nunally
    Home - Wendy DeRosa
    The Same Way - Ken Cooper
    Hey Marie - Lisa Madison
    On Down the Line - Joanne Weil Heald - Wayblonde
    The News - Saul Kaye
    She Set Me Free - Doug Houser
    Falling - Naomi Gongola - Naomi & the Curteous Rude Boys